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Accura MR-X 26" 50 Cal Black Powder Rifle - Sniper Gray/Veil Alpine

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The CVA ACCURA® MR-X is their shorter-barreled ACCURA® muzzleloader (the MR stands for “Mountain Rifle”) and features a 26” Bergara Barrel in Nitride® treated stainless steel. The MR-X is designed for hunters seeking a rifle that is both light to carry in the mountains and easy to maneuver in tight situations – like thickets or tree stands – yet still capable of reaching on out there when necessary. The ACCURA® MR-X is available in Veil® Alpine™ with  matching Cerekote® barrel finish.

The CVA Accura MR-X comes with a Quake™ Claw Sling Durasight® scope rail accessory kit carbon fiber collapsible ramrod and CVA Owner’s Manual. 


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