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The Dam That Never Was

A conservation story of the Yellowstone River

Randy Newman

April 20, 2023


With the steadfast efforts of dedicated conservationists, fishermen and biologists, a dam has never been built on the Yellowstone River. It is truly a remarkable feat. As the longest free-flowing river in the Lower 48, the Yellowstone is a treasure; a nearly pristine waterway that cuts through Montana and Wyoming from its headwaters in the Absaroka Range, just outside of Yellowstone National Park. There is no doubt that we would not have the same river we have today if a dam had been built in the name of progress. Its waters are dear to Randy Newberg and with the help of Mike Duncan, a fisheries biologist on the Yellowstone and Jim Posewitz, a conservation legend, another chapter in its history can be told.


Follow fisheries biologist, Mike Duncan, as he travels the length of the river meeting with Jim Posewitz, a key advocate who helped stop the dam. Mike explores the recreational opportunities while showing how much we would have lost, including the picturesque Paradise Valley, had the Allenspur Dam been built.



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