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Best Friends Forever

The Special Bond Between a Duck Hunter and Their Dog

The Real Grit

October 6, 2023

Best Friends Forever

Waterfowl hunters and their dogs share a special bond. These dogs are more than just hunting companions; they are trusted partners, beloved family members, and best friends forever.

There are many reasons why the bond between a hunter and their dog is so strong. First, these dogs provide companionship. They are always there for their owners, whether they are out hunting or just hanging around the house. Second, these dogs provide assistance in the field. They help their owners find and retrieve downed birds. Third, these dogs develop a deep trust and loyalty with their owners. They know that they can always rely on their owners to take care of them. And finally, these dogs provide their owners with unconditional love. They love their owners no matter what.

How do they build such a strong bond with their dogs? They spend time with their dogs. This could include playing fetch, going for walks, or just cuddling on the couch. They train their dogs together. This helps to build trust and respect between the hunter and the dog. They hunt together. This is the best way for the hunter and the dog to learn to work together as a team. And finally, they show their appreciation for their dogs. This could include giving them treats, praise, and arguably the most loved of all, belly rubs.

We measure our lives through our dogs

Here are a few captivating stories that bring to life those strong bonds between hunters and their dogs:


Sam. Yeti films shares a heartwarming story of a Missouri hunter and his dog Sam who “wasn’t the best or easiest dog to train” at first, but soon became his prize pupil and companion. His family recalls how each significant moment or event in their lives can be traced to a special dog who journeyed it with them.


The Bond. The connection between Connor & Lincoln runs deep. A dog who needed someone like Connor and a guy who found exactly what he was looking for in Lincoln. A story of luck, perseverance, love and a shared desire to chase ducks in the timber that goes unmatched. The story of Connor & Lincoln is a special one presented by Southern Oak Kennels.


A Man, His Dog, and a Duck Hunting Hole. There is a special bond in duck hunting between a man and his dog. That bond goes far beyond just the time spent on a duck hunt. They become best friends and part of the family. All of this and more rings true between Tony, Gator, and the whole Daniels' family because of one day at the "H.A.H". Watch Tony tell the story on a weekend mallard hunt with friends in the hole it all took place in.


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