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Caliber Gourmet

Tavor Rifle Pillow

Tavor Rifle Pillow

Caliber Gourmet Tavor Pillow: A Unique Blend of Comfort and Novelty

While some individuals keep a gun under their pillow, have you ever considered using a gun-shaped pillow? That’s exactly what the Caliber Gourmet Tavor Pillow offers! With a length of approximately 40", this Tavor-shaped pillow is ideal for cozy cuddles.


  • Caliber Gourmet Tavor Pillow offers a unique twist on traditional pillows

  • Allows you to sleep with a gun-shaped pillow, as opposed to keeping a gun under your pillow

  • Approximately 40" long, making it perfect for snuggling

  • Tavor-shaped pillow adds a touch of novelty to your bedding