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Men's Early Season 3/4 Zip Shirt

Major Brown
Major Brown
Major Brown
Major Brown

Introducing the Early Season 3/4 Zip Shirt: The Ultimate Warm Weather Hunting Gear

Hunting during warm weather conditions can be challenging, but the Early Season 3/4 Zip Shirt is here to make your hunting experience more comfortable and successful. Designed with long hot late summer/early fall days in mind, this shirt is made with high-quality lightweight polyester fabric that is not only durable but also features 50+ UPF sun protection to protect your skin against damaging solar rays.

Human scent is always a concern for hunters, but the Early Season 3/4 Zip Shirt comes with Silvadur technology, which provides long-lasting odor control to keep you stealthy and undetected. The 3/4 length zipper and strategically-placed mesh panels on the back and underarms are designed to maximize ventilation and keep you cool, even in the hottest of conditions.

The shirt is designed with flatlock stitching, which reduces chafing and enhances comfort, even when worn for extended periods. The tall collar is an added advantage that helps to keep the sun and backpack or sling straps off your neck.

Get your hands on the Early Season 3/4 Zip Shirt and enjoy a comfortable hunting experience even during the hottest of conditions.

Product Details

  • Lightweight polyester fabric on body
  • Mesh panels under arms and across back for maximum breathability
  • Deep 3/4 front zipper and tall collar
  • Zipper Napoleon pocket on chest
  • Flatlock stitching throughout reduces chafing
  • 50+ UPF protection
  • Silvadur™ technology provides long-lasting odor control


  • Made from high-quality polyester fabric, this shirt is lightweight for maximum comfort during long hunting days, while still being incredibly durable for rugged outdoor use

  • Stay protected from harmful solar rays with the built-in 50+ UPF sun protection, safeguarding your skin from potential damage while out in the field

  • The Silvadur technology integrated into this shirt provides long-lasting odor control, ensuring you stay undetected by game

  • Stay cool and comfortable in hot weather conditions thanks to the 3/4 length zipper and strategically-placed mesh panels on the back and underarms, maximizing airflow and ventilation

  • The flatlock stitching not only enhances the durability of the shirt but also minimizes chafing, allowing you to focus on your hunt without any distractions or discomfort