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Floating Rescue Whistle - 2 Pack


Rescue Floating Whistle: Unparalleled Audibility Anywhere You Go

Be heard no matter where you are with the Rescue Floating Whistle. The high-decibel, dual-tones create high and low frequencies that can be heard near and far. This pealess design is crafted of durable, lightweight ABS plastic, allowing the whistle to float and resist every type of weather.

Product Details

  • Emergency Whistle: Floating, high-decibel whistle to signal for help
  • Dual-Frequency Construction: Two tones allow whistle to be heard in a variety of terrains
  • Compact & Lightweight: Flat profile fits comfortably in pockets and weighs a mere 0.2 oz
  • Durable, Pealess Design: Corrosion-resistant ABS plastic won't rust, clog, or corrode
  • Convenient: Lanyard attaches to PDF or other gear
  • High-Visibility: Classic SOL high-visibility orange is easy to spot in an emergency
  • 2 Pack


  • Flat profile fits comfortably in pockets

  • Durable corrosion-resistant ABS plastic construction

  • Dual-tone emits high and low frequencies for maximum signaling

  • Lanyard to clip to pack or PFD

  • High-visibility orange