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Exodus 85 gr Full Blade Broadheads - 3 Pack

Exodus 85 gr Full Blade Broadheads

Exodus 85 gr Full Blade Broadheads

Experience unparalleled precision and devastating performance with the Exodus 85 gr Full Blade Broadheads. Boasting a super short design, these fixed blade broadheads deliver field point accuracy, ensuring your shots hit the mark every time. The 1-1/4" cutting diameter, coupled with super strong .040" blades, guarantees a compact profile without sacrificing strength. The blades are expertly swept back over the shaft, enhancing the overall compactness. With a steep cutting angle and a hardened SST tip, the Exodus Broadheads ensure not only remarkable penetration but also consistent pass-throughs, making them a formidable choice for hunters seeking reliability and effectiveness in the field.


  • Super short fixed blade broadhead

  • Steep cutting angle and SST tip

  • 1-1/4" cutting diameter

  • .040" blade thickness


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